About Us

AVOL collaborates with communities to stop the spread of HIV/AIDS and to empower those affected.

In 1987, a group of community volunteers made a decision that they would take action, in whatever small way they could, to aid and assist their friends whose lives had been devastated by HIV/AIDS in the Lexington community. These small ways grew into the foundations of AVOL's core mission that continues to this day of collaborating with communities to STOP the spread of HIV and EMPOWER those affected. AVOL was incorporated in 1988. AVOL engages in grassroots advocacy, resource development, coalition building and direct services in Central and Eastern Kentucky.

AVOL's work has evolved throughout the past twenty-nine years. The development of and subsequent advances in HIV medical treatment including the availability of more highly effective medications has forever changed the landscape of the disease and AVOL's response to it. These advances make it possible for a person with HIV to live in better health with reduced levels of virus in their body. AVOL supports this by offering a continuum of services that create an environment of success for those we serve.

AVOL’s continuum of service is focused on the following areas:

  • Outreach to persons at-risk, harm reduction education and HIV testing
  • Other health screenings, connectivity to health services,  and empowerment education for those at-risk
  • Crisis alleviation and support for stable housing for persons living with HIV
  • Ensuring ongoing connectivity to medical care, nutrition and wellness services